Below is list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding support at Circa Telecom. Should you require additional information, please contact us at 1-800-783-6556, or via email at

Why Circa?
Circa's core business is surge protection. Our 22 years of experience has allowed us to develop high quality products with many desirable features. Circa aims to deliver competitive pricing and the highest level of customer service.

What is Outside Plant Premise Protection?
Outside Plant Premise Protection equipment diverts dangerous electrical surges from your sensitive telecommunications equipment. Power surges cause communication disruption resulting in downtime, damaged equipment and expensive repairs.

Why do you need protection?
The National Electric Code Article 800, and the Canadian Electric Code Section 60, Subsection 200 and 202, requires the use of surge protection for telephone lines. Today's sensitive telecommunications equipment requires more protection than ever to safeguard it against damage caused by lightning or electrical surges. Circa Building Entrance Terminals help to protect your equipment investment with sizes and features that adapt to your special needs. Daily fluctuations in current can wear down, and eventually destroy, fragile circuitry before its time.

How is protection used?
Circa's protectors are designed for flexibility that assures a perfect fit for your business, residential and campus applications. We offer a variety of capacity options (1, 2 , 6, 10, 12 , 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 pair sizes) that can be deployed in multiples for high pair count applications. Circa Building Entrance Terminals (BET's) are both rack and wall-mountable. Input/output options include 110 connectors, 66 blocks, BIX connectors, swivel stubs, RJ21X connectors and pre-connected MS2 or 710 connectors. Remember to install a suitable protector on both ends of every exposed line leading into your telecommunications and networking equipment, whether aerial or buried. Proper grounding is essential for rated performance of protection circuitry.

Do Circa products meet safety standards?
Circa products are UL listed. Most Circa products are cUL or CSA listed. Some Circa products are RDUP accepted.

Are AutoCAD drawings of Circa's products available?
Yes, dimensional drawings are available upon request in a variety of formats. If you require a different, format please call 1-800-783-6556 to request a drawing. Include your company name, telephone number, file format and a description of the product. (Please refer to legal disclaimer)

Please email to request an AutoCAD drawing.