5 PIN Surge Protection Module

DSL, VOIP, High-Speed Data Networks and other new services are moving your client base to surge-sensitive, digital equipment. Circa Telecom recommends you review your clients’ needs and upgrade to quicker responding Solid State, CAT5e or Hybrid surge protection modules. Circa offers a self-resetting PTC (positive temperature coefficient) device for sneak current protection on the 4-series modules.

Gas Tube Modules

A premium 5 pin, 3-element gas tube protector module that is designed to provide excellent transient and power fault protection for most standard POTs line applications.

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Solid State Modules

These solid state modules are particularly suited to applications that require the protection of very sensitive digital equipment due to their nano-second reaction time.

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CAT5e Modules (Enhanced)

These CAT5e enhanced 5-pin modules offer the fastest throughput available [1000Mbps and clamping speeds of 2-3 nanoseconds] providing the bandwidth power to handle everything from POTs to VOIP, xDSL and your network.

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Hybrid Modules

The Circa Telecom Hybrid Module Series offers the most advanced level of protection for your sensitive voice or data networks.

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Specialty Modules

Denied Service and Direct Continuity Subscriber Line Modules

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