Building Entrance Terminals

Circa's Building Entrance Terminals (BETs) take copper outside plant (OSP) voice/data lines (pairs) that are exposed to the possibility of surges of unexpected voltage, and send those surges to the ground. They come in a variety of pair count sizes, input/output connection types, and security and element protection.

Surge Protection Modules

Circa produces two basic types of protection modules - Gas Tube Technology, used as a life safety device, and solid state technology, which meets the same NEC Code Life Safety requirements as well as providing protection to the customers premise equipement (CPE). Each type has several variations; visit the Surge Protection Modules section for more information.

Central Office Protectors

The 4486 Central Office Series is designed to protect incoming cable lines from overvoltage and current in Central Office and Private Automatic Branch Exchange environmenst. Easily mounted on central office frames with 8 inch centers.

Cabinets & Enclosures

Circa manufactures industrial enclosures for indoor or outdoor use, and are ideal for construction sites, industrial facilities, shipping docks, and more. All are seam welded with 14 gauge construction and built to EEMAC/NEMA 4/12 requirements, and are complete with back plate, grey enamel finish, and external wall mounting brackets.

Meter Sockets

Servicing the supply of all grounding, metering enclosures, and overhead equipment for all your residential requirements..

Poleline Hardware

When you think of poleline hardware products, you can count on Hydel's decades of service and engineering in the utility residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Hydel Enterprises will strive to constantly improve the quality and delivery of our products to our customers. We will strive to perfect our products to the highest level of acceptance within the industry,