About Us

Circa’s operations consist of two distinct business lines – the first being telecommunications surge protection and related products, sold primarily to the United States market, through Circa Telecom, and the second being fabricated metal products Circa Metals. The surge protection business consists of the design, manufacture, marketing and sale of surge protection products, which provide primary protection to telephone systems and data transmission equipment against voltage surges. Circa Metals provides custom metal fabrication services to Circa Enterprises itself and to third parties. Circa Metals also designs, manufactures, markets and sells fabricated enclosures, pole line hardware and other products to the Canadian electrical industry through its Hydel product line.

Circa is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and this location also houses design, engineering and manufacturing functions for the telecom line. Sales and marketing for the telecom business are handled out of Tampa, Florida, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Circa Telecom (USA) Inc. The Circa Metals business operates in Vaughan, Ontario.

Circa is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol CTO.